Replacement remote control for STAR LIGHT SRC-4313

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If you are not sure about the correct model, please send us information about the exact model of your TV from the cover plate. You can also send us the model of the old remote. You can use the form to: Send inquiry / Quick order / TEL-VIBER 0888363206 This remote control is replacement for folowing models: AKAI 40LED FHD SMART, AKAI 49LED FHD SMART BUSH DLED48265FHDCN, DLED48265FHDCNTD, ELED55240FHDCN, ELED55240FHDCNTD, LED24265DVDCNTDW, LED40127FHDCNT, LED40127FHDCNTD DIGIHOME 32272SMHDLED, E 39273SMFHDLED, 40272SMT2FHDLED [10102902], 65240FHDELEDCNTD, LCDVD24SMART FINLUX 22-FDMD-5160, 28-FHD-5660, 40-FFD-5660, 43-FFC-5661, 48-FFD-5661 GOGEN TVF40N384STWEB GRANDIN LED55RD14, G RC4848 GRUNDIG MO53 HARROW HL55FHD84BC, HARROW RC4848 HITACHI 32HB2W66I [10105949, 27669229], I 32HBT41 A [10101814, 27584816], 32HBT41A, [1010814], 40HB6T62 H [10104309, 27664815], 40HBT42 [10099215, 27450189], 42HZT66 K [10100398, 27498581], 50HZT66 L [10101495, 27517231], 55HB6W62 [10103768, 27685261], 55HGW69 [10100036, 27508829], 55HZ6C66I [10102879, 27557864], 55HZT66K [10100267, 27517782], LED32HBT41A HORIZON 24HL733H, HORIZON 32HL733H HD 80CM LED SMART TV, 32HL733H, 40HL733F, 43HL733F, 49HL733F, 55HL733F, 32HL7310H, 40HL7510U, 40HL8510U, 43HL7310F, 43HL7510U, 43HL8510U, 43HL9710U, 48HL7310F, 49HL7510U, 49HL8510U, 49HL9710U, 55HL7310F, 55HL7510U, 55HL8510U, 55HL9710U, 40HL7530U, 43HL7330F, 32HL7330H, 43HL7530U, 58LH7590U, 55HL7590U, 43HL7590U, 50HL7590U, 65HL7590U, JVC LT-24C656, LT-24C661, LT-32C660, LT-32C661, LT-32C666, LT40C680, LT-40C860, LT43C680, LT-43C860, LT-43C862, LT43C862, LT-49C760, LT-49C862, LT-55C760, LT-55C860 LAURUS PH-65SMARTUHD, PH65SMARTUHD LUXOR LED42FSB, LED55FSB, LED65FSB [10097852, 27404796], LUX0132002/1, LUX01320021, LUX013200301, LUX0132004/01, LUX0142001/02, LUX0150002/01, LUX015000201, LUX0155001, LUX0165001/01, LUX016500101 NABO 32LV580039LV5700, 48LV5800, 55LV5800, 55UV7000, 55UV8000 NEI 32NE4500SW NETFLIX TV LED SMART 80CM, 43NE7500UHD POLAROID P32D300FP, P43FP0037A, POLAROID P50D300FP, P50LED16 [10102166, 27529239], P50US0956A, P55US0756A PRINSTON PR55FHDBC215B, RC4848 PROSONIC 32LED5008SW, 40LED5008SW SEDEA STS32S [10095517], STS32SH [10095768] SMART HORIZON 24HL733H, 32HL733H, 40HL733F, 43HL733F ,49HL733F, 55HL733F, STAR LIGHT 49DM6000, 55DM7000, STARLIGHT NETFLIX SULPICE 43SULPUHD01B TELEFUNKEN TFL425071B, TFL65300FHDF15, TFL65FHD200BC, TFLE65FHDC6200, TFLES65300FHD2, TFLS655090FHDB WELLINGTON 28HD275S, WL55UHDV296SW VESTEL 49UD8460, 43UD8350

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